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The radiotelephony message PAN-PAN is the international standard urgency signal that someone aboard a boat, ship, aircraft, or other vehicle uses to declare that they need help and that the situation is urgent, but for the time being, does not pose an immediate danger to anyone's life or to the vessel itself.

Our social spaces are the ship; This is our attempt at a solution.
PAN is also a moon of Saturn, a Turkish band which performed "Bana Bana" at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest, a piece of cooking equipment, a shedding card game of Polish origin, a character in Dragon Ball, an arts and literary magazine, a mischievous young boy called Peter who can fly and never grows up, a publishing house, a musical instrument- drum or flute, a Greek deity often depicted with goat horns, a Filipino folk/punk rock band, an opera by Carl Venth, a genus including chimpanzees and bonobos, a computer networking term, a programming language, a swivel of a camera, the movement of an audio signal into a new sound field, a number of political parties, an early 19th century British thoroughbred racehorse and sire, a name for most pandas on the internet, a mining technique, a term for a dry lake bed, a Slavic honorific title in Poland and Ukraine, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for Panama, a US satellite named "Palladium At Night", a Chinese family name  (潘 or 盤), a term for bread in Spanish, a prefix meaning "all", "of everything", or "involving all members" of a group.